Global warming is so seventies

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Global warming was hot in the seventies

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  1. Many scientists say we have a massive problem of global warming, many others say the GW hysteria is just that!
    With the UK producing a measly 1.83% of manmade CO2, irrespective of whether anthropogenic carbon dioxide is the culprit, anything the UK does to abate it WON’T MAKE THE SLIGHTEST DIFFERENCE TO GLOBAL TEMPERATURES! So why is each and every household held up to ransom and forced to pay the conservative sum of £1000 per annum – probably more?!
    Is it to make our vainglorious politicians ‘look good’? You bet your bottom dollar it is!
    Vote for someone who is sensible enough to treat the whole question with circumspection and good sense. We desperately need more power stations – build them, coal-fired, nuclear, the lot. The Earth won’t suddenly explode because we build half a dozen power stations and stop there when China alone builds 80-100 power stations each YEAR AFTER YEAR – 90%+ COAL FIRED! Vote for a sensible approach, VOTE UKIP!

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